Hello, my name is Melissa. I started KID MANIA, LLC in 2003. I was a single mom who tried yard sales, newspaper ads, craigslist, etc., but didn't get the money I hoped for my children’s gently used clothing. I tried other consignments and they took too much of my profits and too long to send me a check. So, I decided I wanted to help other women like myself and started a seasonal resale that took a smaller fee than most consignments and accepted more merchandise.  KID MANIA LLC was born.

Being a Seasonal Consignment gives the Consignor HIGHER PROFITS because of the lower fees and they can bring an UNLIMITED amount of items. The consignor sells their items faster and receives a larger check within 2 weeks of the sale!

Being a Seasonal Consignment gives the Shopper a MUCH LARGER SELECTION than a store with PRICES MUCH LOWER because a consignor doesn’t have to give back a higher percentage. You actually can see and touch items before you buy them…not like on a Facebook Yard Sale, Online Boutique or Craigslist. I don’t want to drive all around to meet up with someone for one or two items OR hope what is shipped is what I wanted!

It's a win - win situation for the consignor and buyer! It is perfect for helping families in our local communities!

KID MANIA LLC will donate your unsold kid items (Newborn - 4T, Maternity Clothes and Necessity Items) to the Genesis Center who helps local mothers who had an unplanned pregnancy or adoptions and foster children. The remaining clothes and items will be donated to The Washington City Mission.----All can be a tax write off to the consignor!

KID MANIA LLC has grown so much that I added the Teen / Adult Resale "FASHION MANIA" in June 2012. KID MANIA LLC is the parent company that hosts the FASHION MANIA Event. This resale will help TEENS/ADULTS for both Men and Women selling designer clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, home decor, sporting equipment and furniture!

KID MANIA LLC is all about "Women Helping Women" and now even some Men out there. I would love to share this incredible experience with you! We have been in business for over 10 years and thousands of shoppers. This is what separates KID MANIA LLC from all other Seasonal Resales! I hope to see you at one of the events; you won't be disappointed!


This sale is dedicated in loving memory of my father, Art Lyon (1939-2009).  He believed in my mission and created the racks used at the sale and came up with some great ideas.  He supported and helped at every event until his passing.

For all of you who were fortunate enough to meet him at one of the events know he was an incredible & generous man.  He inspired me with my mission and he will be deeply missed! 

This sale would not be what it is today if it wasn't for the wonderful support of my parents, husband, family and volunteers.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you ALL!