Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off - Wed, Feb 26: 3pm-8pm / Thurs., Feb 27:  9am-4pm

Once you are registered, you login to your CONSIGNOR HOME PAGE and there will be link to choose an OPEN time that works best for you to Drop Off and Set Up your items.  They are scheduled every 1/2 hour so PLAN AHEAD (See below):

Drop Off shifts fill up fast and change throughout the sale so check back if you have a conflict.  Those who travel the farthest usually fill up Thursday time slots to attend the presale.  If you live locally try to pick a time on Wednesday if you can.

Volunteers are there to perform their job duty NOT SHOP or OVER SOCIALIZE during Drop Off.  Volunteers are also NOT permitted to put their own items on the floor during their work shift.  We need to move quickly for the next drop which is every half hour.  THEREFORE YOUR DROP OFF SHIFT AND VOLUNTEER SHIFT CANNOT BE THE SAME TIME.

Plan Ahead

Inspection:  Items will be INSPECTED before they are set up for sale.  Make sure you are bringing ACCEPTABLE ITEMS.  For every 10 REJECTED ITEMS there will be $10 Rejection Fee charged from a consignors settlement checks!

Organization:  Have your items ready on hangers by size order and gender, ready for inspection. There will be volunteer ready to being placing inspected items around the hall.  Be prepared to assist them as the inspection process continues. PUT LIKE ITEMS IN SIZE ORDER BY GENDER & KIND EXAMPLE:  Shirts Sleeveless, Shirts Short Sleeve, Shirts Long Sleeve, Shorts, Pants/Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, Athletic Wear, Jackets/Blazers/Sport Coats, Pajamas, FORMAL Wear, Suits, etc..

Be Prompt:  Arrive on time (do not arrive early or late) to accommodate all consignors dropping off. 

Check In:  CHECKIN at the front desk to verify all of your information, receive your PreSale Pass and to be directed to an Inspection Station.

Set Up

Clothes are placed on racks by kind, size and gender. Tables will be clearly marked for shoes, purses, and misc. items. Volunteers will be there to direct and help you. 

Containers and Boxes CANNOT be stored at the venue.  Please take them home with you and return with them during Sunday's Pickup.

Pick Up - Sunday, March 2:  6pm-7pm / NO EARLY BIRDS


You (or a designated person) are responsible to pick up your unsold items right after the event. Your unsold items will be placed on a table marked with your ID# and Name for easy pick up. If ALL of your Price Tags were DONATION:YES (not handwritten) you do not have to return; however they MUST HAVE DONATION:YES ON ALL TAGS!

1. PACK UP UNSOLD INVENTORY - Double Check to make sure the items ID# to make sure they ARE in fact yours. If not, notify the front desk immediately to catch that consignor before they leave the building! Pack up your items and go to the front desk to CHECK OUT.

2. DONATION - if you have a few items that you decided to donate (even though the tag says Donate: NO), you may put on on the donation table. You are also responsible for keeping track & placing those items on the donation table. (It is NOT the responsibility of volunteers to put UNMARKED Items on the table).

3. CHECKOUT is important to verify we have all your waivers and consent forms, to make sure you picked up your items off the table, visited the lost and found, receive some hangers and to see if you won one of our raffle items!

NO SHOWS - Unless ALL OF YOUR TAGS had DONATION:YES you are responsible for picking up your unsold items on Sunday and checking out at the front desk. Any items not marked for donation & not picked up or left behind after the pickup time will NOT be returned and a "Non-Show Fee of $30 will be deducted from your settlement check. Please don't make us call you to pick up your items to tell us "Oh I forgot today was pickup, just donate all" because this is UNACCEPTABLE. You may be removed from future sales.

4. SETTLEMENT CHECKS will go out within 2 weeks after the event (usually the end of the week).