Consign with Us & Earn 75-85%

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Sun. Jan 12, 2014 and CLOSE: Sat. Feb. 8, 2014
Registrations will close on FEB 8th, OR if we reach our maximum number of consignors allowed.

If you registered and then cannot participate, you can UNREGISTER on the Consignor's Homepage.
~UnRegistration Before CLOSED Date: FEE
is $5, but you will get a refund. ~After CLOSED Date: NO REFUND 

Consignor Basics 


Register On Line

Registration is paid via PAYPAL using your credit/debit card or personal paypal account.  How to register depends if you are a past consignor or new consignor (see below). 

As you register and after you provide your contact information and pay your fee you MUST SELECT "Return to KID MANIA" in order to complete the registration process.  If you fail to select, your registration process is not complete.  Contact Melissa if you are unable to login, because this may be the reason.

RETURNING CONSIGNORS:  If you have consigned with FASHION MANIA at our last event or were given an ID Number and Unregistered, you will register using the CONSIGNOR LOGIN Button at the top of every page of this website.  Once you log in, select "register for our upcoming sale" under the activities section.

NEW CONSIGNORS:  Click this link below to consign for the first time using our new system.  You will receive a username and password to log back in using the CONSIGNOR LOGIN Button at the top of every page of this website.

New Consignors - Click Here to REGISTER

Consignor Homepage

After a consignor has registered and received a Username and Password, they can LOGIN at the top of every page on the FASHION MANIA Website called "Consignor Login" Button.  It will take the consignor to the Consignor Homepage at their convenience throughout the sale and save all entered information.

Login will allow Consignors to:
-Returning Consignors can pay future registration fees via a credit/debit card or personal PayPal account.
-Agree to the KID MANIA Seller Agreement and Recall Waiver.
-Update Contact Information and change passwords.
-Input or edit Inventory.
-Activate and edit unsold Inventory to bring to the next event.
-Schedule or Change a Drop Off Shift.
-Schedule or Change a Volunteer Shift.
-Print price tags
-View estimated earnings during the sale (estimated is everyone earning 75%)
-View sold items
-View sellers reports
-View donation reports

VIP CONSIGNOR Tagging Service    

Don't have time to input inventory and tag your items?  Let our Tagging Service be another option for you!  Here is our VIP Consignor Tagging Service Agreement to print and submit.


Any items that did not sell and you wish to donate are picked up at the end of our event HOWEVER NOT ALL ITEMS ARE ACCEPTED FOR DONATION (See below). 

Consignors will indicate on their price tags if their item IS or is NOT for donation.  The price tag will show DONATION: No or DONATION: Yes.  FASHION MANIA will automatically pull those items off the floor for you at the end of the sale to give directly to our following donations:

Currently we are donating to The Washington City Mission  http://www.citymission.or/contact-us/

Donation Reports will be available on the Consignor Home Page to print for tax purposes.This report will ONLY reflect the price tags marked Discount: Yes.  If you placed an additional item on the donation table at the end of the event, you need to keep a personal record. 

It is recommended at the end of each sale to save this report to your computer.  At the end of each sale this report will be erased for the next event. 

If the price tag is not marked for donation and at Pick Up you decide to make a Donation, it is YOUR responsibility to take your item off the rack and put in the donation pile. You cannot leave your items there assuming we will donate (otherwise we will assess a $10 fee from your Settlement Check). 

Settlement Checks

You will receive 75% of your profits (25% Consignor Fee). For each 2 Shifts (6 hours) you volunteer, you will get 5% back. If you refer a Consignor/Vendor who sends in their registration & fee, you will get 5% back. You can potentially receive up to 85% (MAXIMUM ALLOWED) of your earnings using either of these options.

A settlement check will be sent to your address on your registration within 2 weeks of the event. You have 5 days to report any discrepancies, once the check has been cashed or after 5 days, all discrepancies are Void. Checks must be cashed within 2 weeks so we can balance out our sale. We do not provide replacement checks, so cash them fast before they get misplaced!