Preparing Items

Steps for Online Inventory System

Active / Inactive Inventory

New Consignors Inventory will automatically be ACTIVE during the sale and will convert to INACTIVE once the sale is over. 

Previous Consignors will Login to the CONSIGNOR Home Page and choose "Work with Consigned Inventory".  All of your previous sales inventory has been saved and now INACTIVE.  Click on the "Work with Inactive Inventory" select items you ARE bringing to the next sale DO NOT MAKE ALL ACTIVE:

Inactive to Active for Past Consignors:  DO NOT MAKE ALL ITEMS ACTIVE!
You cannot convert back from active to inactive, so follow these steps to be accurate: 

Be Accurate with selecting ACTIVE Inventory.  It is important to the consignor be accurate with selecting items as ACTIVE because it will record the number of items a consignor is bringing.  Items are limited to 25-500; however, from 500-1000 (max) the consignor must volunteer a minimum of 2 Work Shifts and cannot sell over 1000 (Maximum allowed).

It is also important to FASHION MANIA to be accurate to alot space at the event, planning for floor plan, and having accurate reports for the business and consignor.

Inventory will be deleted after 24 months.  All INACTIVE inventory will stay on the consignors account for 24 months and then it will be automatically deleted, so don't worry if you are leaving seasonal items for the next season!   However, if you have an unsold item and it is NOT showing on your Inactive report, this means it did not sell in 2 years and is probably a good idea to either NOT sell or make a NEW TAG and select DISCOUNT and DONATE to be done with it at the next event.

How to Input NEW Inventory - Tags

Tags are produced on the CONSIGNOR HOME PAGE under "Work with Consigned Inventory" link. You will print and attach your tags using a safety pin (NOT STRAIGHT PINS) or tagging gun.

Tags will indicate: ID#, Size, Category, Description, Price, Item#, Discount, Donation.

Be specific on your tag and chose the RIGHT CATEGORY (don't put clothes under accessories!) If the tag comes off your item, it will be easy to find with the best description you can provide to retag and put back on the floor.

Items missing tags will be removed and NOT sold. You have a chance to claim on Sunday during pick up at the LOST AND FOUND. 

When inputting new inventory here are your selections for each item you need to input:

Category should be specific. Scroll down to see all the selections.
Size should be what is on the Tag or Item.  If not appropriate select 0.         
Description#1 should be the BRAND NAME (example: Chico's) and
Description#2 should be the item (example: Red Short Sleeve Shirt).  SIZES ARE ENDLESS, so if you do not see the exact size, put it in your description.  Example: If I have a pair of jeans that are 30x30, I would select a size 30, category Pants/Jeans, and in the Description 1: HOLLISTER 30x30, Description 2:  Jeans Relaxed Fit 
Price should be in increments of .50 and 1/4 of the original selling price.  See Chart below.
Discount should be selected if you want it to be 50% off only on Sunday.
Donate should be selected if you want to donate at the end of the sale, our sorters will put on the donation table for pickup.  All other Tags not marked for donation will be given back to you on Sunday. If you are not coming back on Sunday ALL Tags must be marked "DONATION: YES". Otherwise if you don't show up there is a NO SHOW FEE taken from your earnings!

You can view more than 5 items at a time by selecting this option just underneath the Discount and Donate Boxes. 

Finish for now and go back in to PRINT your Tags when you are ready and attach to your items.


Price your items in increments of .50.  This PRICING CHART is a good starting point.
Price with your brain, not your heart.  Best starting place is 1/4 of the original price, then price a little lower to sell or a little higher if in GREAT condition.  If you cannot remember how much you paid for it, then Google it at a nearby store and price 1/4 of that price, or see how much they are going for on eBay.


All clothing is placed on a hanger (you provide!). NO CLOTHING is placed on the table.  (Sock, Ties, Belts etc are the only exception-anything else will be rejected).

SECURE CLOTHING TO HANGER:  Make sure clothing is secure on the appropriate size hanger. You may need to pin pants to shirts in the seams together if you have a set, so they don't get lost.  PANTS are not folded over a hanger, you need a PANT HANGER or pin to the TOP part of the hanger.

WHERE DO I GET HANGERS:  Wire hangers are the cheapest, we accept any hanger type.  Try to get FREE hangers from family & friends or purchase at discount stores.  You an even look on Craigslist or Freecycle or see if any retail stores are going out of business, they usually sell hangers in bulk.  Dry cleaners also can be a source of getting hangers and ALWAYS ask for Hangers when making purchase at stores.  Also some local retail stores may have some to give away, just ask!  If all else fails, FASHION MANIA may have extras to give away.  Just send an email requesting the type of hangers you need (shirt/pants) and how many of each. 
PANT HANGER RETURN:  Hangers are NOT returnable; however, we will save as many pant hangers from shoppers at Check Out.  At the end of the sale on Sunday, we will divide them up equally and give back to the consignors who are returning for their unsold items.  Consignors will NOT be able to reclaim the hangers that they brought.  

POSITION of Tags and Hangers

When tagging use a SAFETY PIN or TAGGING GUN (NO STRAIGHT PINS) to attach your tag to your item.  Tags and Hangers are positioned differently depending on the gender. 

PANTS are NOT folded over the hanger (they will NOT sell).  Use a pant hanger or as a last resort pin the pants as shown in the picture below on the TOP part of the hanger; but we wish to elimitate pins all together.  Pin in the seam please!

POSITION:  Put your article of clothing on the Table and look facing down at them, then Tag as:

TAG:  PLEASE TAG IN THE SEAM OF THE CLOTHING.  If using a Tagging Gun, please tag along a seam to prevent holes.  If using a safety pin (NO STRAIGHT PINS) watch where you place the pin to prevent holes; do not use LARGE pins on delicate items.  Pin or tag in a seam or an unsuspicious place; OTHERWISE, inside on the size label.  We do not want clothing with HOLES.

We hang the clothing by gender and size order. If you have yours already in the same order, set up will be a snap. 

High End Designer Purses and Accessories

FASHION MANIA does NOT sell FAKES:  It is illegal to sell or buy (in some states) Counterfeit Items, also known as "Knock Off", "Replica", "Fake", "Look-a-Like".  It is still illegal even if you indicate it is NOT AUTHENTIC.  (Common examples:  Brighton, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Gucci, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Prada, and Vera Bradley) 

Authentication:  Designer items need to be authenticated by FASHION MANIA before you can sell them at our event.  Send an email with your list of items you want to sell to being with the first stage of authentication.  List as much information, details about the item, where you bought it, pictures if you can, with any serial numbers or proof of purchase (receipt). 

Location:  High End Purses and Accessories will be placed on Tables or Racks next to the Checkout with a Volunteer Stationed there are all times.  When a customer wants to purchase that item, we will place them in a numbered basket and provide the customer with a lanyard with the same number.

Checkout:  When the customer is ready to checkout at the registers we will have their basket of items to match their lanyard number behind checkout and continue to make their payment. This way the customer does not have to walk around holding these items and we can keep tabs on high end items.


Tie shoes together:  tie the laces together or use Zip Ties or a piece of string through the eyelets to keep your shoes together. Shoes are organized by gender and size on the tables. Pin the tag though an eyelet or use packing tape to the bottom.  Make sure the tag cannot be removed and the bar code/price tag is showing.  DO NOT just sit the tag inside the shoe.

Shoe Boxes are acceptable for shoes that cannot tie together.  Make sure the tag is taped to the bottom of the shoe if no place to pin or use a tagging gun.  If you don't have a box, we will just sit them next to each other and watch they do not get separated.

Accessories and Other Items

Check for Recalls.  All accessories must be checked with the Consumer Product and Safety Commission: See the ACCEPTABLE ITEMS Page for the CPSC Badge on the far right.  Click on it to look up your items!

When tagging these items, use a safety pin or clear packing tape (do not put tape on areas to destroy the item). If there are any loose items, please put them in a zip lock baggie and tape securely with the clear packing tape. We find several loose items and not know what they go to, please find a way to keep them all together. 


Jewelry will be hung for display and needs to be prepared on our Jewelry Cards.  Send an email with the Number and Kind of Jewelry you are selling and we will mail you the Cards to prepare before the sale.  Only email if you have 5 or more items to sell. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO TAG JEWELRY
Example Email:  3 Necklaces, 2 Bracelets, 3 Rings, 4 Necklace/Earing Sets, 3 Earrings.

DVDs and CDs

Verify the correct DVD or CD is inside the case.  Tape shut the case WITH the DVD or CD INSIDE and place your price tag on the back of the case.

Video OR Computer Games (NOT for DVDs or CDs)

Create two tags per video/computer game.  Print the SAME Tag twice:
The first tag
will be placed on the video/computer game BOX or holder (NOT CONTAINING THE ACTUAL GAME)  and handwrite and HIGHLIGHT on the tag "original game is at checkout". This will alert checkout to get the original game after the customer has paid for their item.

The second tag will be placed on the ZIP LOCK BAG (CONTAINING THE ACTUAL GAME).  The actual games will be placed in a box behind the Checkout Desk.  We will match up the tags and games at the time of checkout and payment has been made.

If you do not have a box for your game, just the game itself, then print only one tag.  It is a good idea; however, to place the game in a zip lock bag and staple to a piece of card board the size of the back of a writing tablet (8x11) to HOLD your game so it is not so easy to shoplift and easily recognized to scan at checkout.  

Large Items and CLAIM TICKETS

Items too big to carry around while a customer shops will have CLAIM TICKETS (←Click for instructions) attached to them in order to replace a holding area.  If you have over 3 Large items, send an email with your ID#, Address and Number Of Claim Tickets you need in order to prepare before your Drop Off Shift.  They will be mailed to your home address ahead of time.

The customer will remove the bottom portion of the CLAIM TICKET and continue shopping.  When they checkout, they will show the claim ticket and after payment, we will STAMP "PAID" to go back and claim their item.  This is proof of payment when they walk out the door.  
If you still have instructions or manuals to go with your items, please enclose or attach someone to your item.  They will sell faster.
If your item needs assembled, buyers will be more likely to purchase.  Bring your tools to assemble and then leave them at the front desk in a zip lock bag.  Indicate on your bag your name and ID# to be returned to you during Drop Off on Sunday.

Tagging Guns VS Pins

Safety Pins are still acceptable (NOT STRAIGHT PINS); however, tagging guns are faster to tag your items than pins.  You can purchase guns on EBAY or Staples or Office Max. I may also have one for sale, so please ask.