PreSale Information

Thursday - February 27, 2014:        

Only VOLUNTEERS and Vendors Renting a Table are invited to shop before the public sale.
Entry is not permitted without the presale pass.  All sales must be made that evening.

Volunteer shifts are PER PERSON and cannot be combined with any other person (such as a friend/family member who helps you reach the consignor discount).

Visit the VOLUNTEER Tab listed above.


Consignors who have items to sell at the event must volunteer a minimum of  1 Work Shift (3 hours) to attend the PreSale.  PreSale Passes will be given out during Drop Off when you checkin at the front desk.  

Consignors select their Work Shifts from the CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE after they paid their registration.  All shifts are in 3 hour increments. 

If you have a family member or friend volunteering to give you extra hours for your discount, you will register their Work Shift from under your Name on your Consignor Home Page.  Then, send an email with their relationship, full name, Work Shift Day/Time/Duty in order to give you credit.  We will send you an email with their Volunteer Agreement.  Presale Passes will be given to you during Drop Off.

PRESALE PASSES (for the scheduled times above for the Presale) are PER PERSON.  We do NOT COMBINE the hours of family and friends for the presale.  We only combine hours for the consignor discount and the raffle at the end of the sale.  EXAMPLE:  If the consignor works 1 shift and a family member works 1 shift then they both can attend the 7pm-8pm Presale.  The Consignor will receive 5% off their consignor fee and receive 6 Raffle Tickets.


Volunteers ONLY do not have items to sell at the event, do not know a consignor; however, wants to attend the PreSale.  You only need to volunteer 1 Work Shift (3 hours) or MORE to attend the PreSale. 

PreSale Passes are given at the front desk 15 minutes before the PreSale.

If you are volunteering to help a Consignor, they will register your work shift from their consignor home page. 

Volunteers ONLY will click on the link under the VOLUNTEER Tab above to register as a WORKER and select any open Volunteer Shift.  All shifts are in 3 hour increments.


Premier Volunteers have only one hour to shop before the actual Presale.   They will include the volunteers who chose one of the following job duties who go above and beyond other volunteer duties: